Undercarriage & ESFA Compliant Systems

Whether you are looking to select the highest performing sports floor on the market, or follow the Education Skills and Funding Agency design guidelines, our Taraflex® products combined with undercarriage systems provide the sports performance needed but with the benefit of significantly lower life cycle and maintenance costs.

Taraflex® Surface and Area Elastic (AE)





Combines the benefits of a Taraflex® Surface with a sprung floor undercarriage system:

Triple Action Protecsol® Surface:
  • Prevents friction burns
  • Optimises foothold and slide to prevent injury and improve performance
  • Low maintenance – a ‘no polish for life’ surface
Low life cycle costs
EN 14904 complaint: category A4 with <55% force reduction (AE 85) or A3 with <45% force reduction (AE 28)
Wide choice of colours and wood designs Vinyl surface unsusceptible to water exposure 2 sprung floor systems: choose the best solution to meet your technical needs
  • AE 28 for low profile / renovation projects
  • AE 85 for floors with uneven subfloors/new build projects

Taraflex® Combisport

TARAFLEX® Combisport 85


TARAFLEX® Combisport 28

Ideal for installations with uneven subfloors – system adjustable up to 9mm

The combination of a fully height adjustable cradle and batten substructure overlaid with plywood and Taraflex® produces one of the highest specification sports floors available on the market

Maximum player safety and ball bounce due to patened rubber shock absorbers

Fully compliant with EN 14904

Ideal for installations required a low profile floor / renovation projects

Performance – The patened sprung floor undercarriage system comprises tongue and groove panels with pre adhered shock absorent rubber crumb strips

Resilient – The recycled rubber strips, set at 300mm centres, have unique wave shape to ensure optimum ball bounce and no dead spots.

Durability – The panels have tongue and groove joints which ensure an even, flat floor and rapid installation.

Toughness – The high quality plywood surface is flexible and designed to provide optimum energy return over the full life of the product.

Taraflex® Colour Range:

Product Guidelines: 

NBS Specifications: Click to download

NBS Specification - Taraflex® AE 28

NBS Specification - Taraflex® AE 85

NBS Specification - Taraflex® Combisport 28

NBS Specification - Taraflex® Combisport 85+