For all facilities you should list your activities and then decide if any have priority over any other. There is not a single indoor sport than cannot be played on a Taraflex® sports floor. See our specification guide online or contact us to see which floor suits your specific needs.

This figure should not be confused with Impact protection. Impact injuries are far more likely to cause injury to more players, more frequently. The impact protection is an important factor that should be considered. In sport in general, head injury concern is becoming more talked about and specifying a point elastic floor can help in reducing such injuries in the same way that soft flooring has revolutionised injury prevention in outdoor play areas.

With around 70% of sport in the UK played in an Educational property, Gerflor understand that larger spaces are often used  for non-sports gatherings. For decades, the foam technology in Taraflex® has meant that on such occasions there are no problems. Tables, chairs, high heels are all used daily somewhere in the country. If Taraflex® could not stand up to this use then simply they would not be used as widely as they are.

One of the biggest benefits of Taraflex® floors is the reduced maintenance requirements. With a surface treatment lasting the life of the material, only periodic cleaning is required. No sanding, sealing, polishing every two to three years, unlike alternative floors. This eliminates costly works and the inconvenience of shut down. Taraflex® compared to more traditional floors will have a significantly lower whole life cost.

The EN14904 standard states that a floor should have 25% as a minimum. A floor with this level should eliminate pain for an adult when running. A child will need less shock absorption due to them weighing less but 25% still should still be the minimum.

shock absorption

The chart shows the reduction of pain linked to shock absorption. It is worth noting the weights associated, so you can see how effective Taraflex® floors are between 25% and 45%. They can reduce pain and injury potential for the vast majority of users.

The shock absorption figure uses an elite athlete as its model. Not all users will receive the published amount of shock absorption, school age users for example do not exert as much force so the floor will behave differently. With a Taraflex® floor, the floor starts to protect with the smallest amount of force. The headline figure will be lower but it will be more relevant to the users.