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Keep up to date with the latest design, technical and engineering practices with our Sports Flooring CPD.

This RIBA accredited CPD looks at the importance of the right sports floor specification. It will help you to understand the following topics:

  • Understand how the right floor can help reduce sports injuries
  • Understand the different types of sports floors available, their properties and where they should be used
  • Understand innovative design options for sports floors
  • Understand how to select the right floor and the European standard to follow, including some of the headline tests of standard EN14904 and how they can help reduce potential injury
  • Understand how to look after sports floors and the associated issues



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Specifying the Right Floor When it's a Question of Sport​

Our Taraflex® sports floorings offer more than one option as specification often requires compromise, dependent on your sporting level, use or budget we have a solution for you. We would advise that you speak to one of our expert team to perfect the specification but below is a guide to get you started.


With the sport enjoyed by so many the needs vary greatly. For high level players shock absorption is key, Taraflex® Comfort is in the P3 category offering >45% shock absorption, making it a great choice. With many more mature players still active, the significant Impact Protection figures gives maximum comfort meaning many find they continue to find the game enjoyable rather than a chore. For facilities with significant multi-use activities, the solution would be to look at Taraflex® Performance which still gives excellent levels of shock absorption and impact protection whilst dealing slightly better with non-sporting activities.


Taraflex® Comfort and Taraflex® Performance give high levels of shock absorption, players jump to great heights and don’t always land how they should so the high levels of impact protection help
reduce potential for injury. Don’t forget the new kid on the block, 3×3 Basketball, Sport Court® PowerGame™ is the perfect outdoor surface. An outdoor modular tile used on the official FIBA 3×3 World Tour, the tile can transform tired and dull areas into bright inspiring courts.


We all know how cricket enjoyment and success is dependent on the pitch, indoor play and training is no different. With Taraflex® Comfort and Taraflex® Performance you will have a floor that meets the stringent ECB guidelines whilst being suitable for many other sports. With no need for additional mats, more time can be spent playing, players can enjoy cricket that mimics playing on an outdoor surface, which improves a player’s game no end.


All of the properties of Taraflex® Evolution, Taraflex® Performance and Taraflex® Comfort make for a great playing surface. High shock absorption helps reduce potential for over-use injuries whilst high levels of impact protection reduce the chance of injury from falls and awkward landings. Gerflor have many years’ experience being an official supplier of Futsal surfaces all around the world.


First it is important to define multi-use. A sports hall being used for exams occasionally should be specified as sports hall first and foremost with sport taking priority. For other non-sport use the Taraflex® range of Taraflex® Multi-Use, Taraflex® Evolution and Taraflex® Performance have unique properties which means recovery from indentation is no problem. If extremely heavy point loads are to be in place then protection is a good precaution to take. We know that most Taraflex® floors are constantly used for non-sport use and present very few challenges. If an area does need to be protected, Taraflex® Bateco is a removable protective surface made from 100% recycled material that you can be assured will not damage your floor, unlike some other cheaper rubber backed products.


Taraflex® Evolution and Taraflex® Performance are perfect for the demands of Netball, with excellent co-efficient of friction provided meaning twists, turns and stop starts can be carried out without fear of slipping or gripping and subsequent injuries. The shock absorption helps players endure longer careers and enjoyment from the sport. With many Netball Super League fixtures taking place on Taraflex® surfaces the feedback has always been positive.


We also have specialist surfaces for racket sports, Taraflex® Badminton, Taraflex® Table Tennis and Taraflex® Tennis offer an excellent compromise between slide and grip.


High levels of impact protection make Taraflex® Performance and Taraflex® Comfort ideal for helping players when diving. The triple action Protecsol® surface treatment means players can dive without the worry of skin burns. The fact that we have supplied many Olympic Games for Volleyball and we are the leading supplier of leagues and championships all around the world clearly show why the Taraflex® range is perfect for Volleyball.


The Taraflex® range is perfectly suited to many Parasports, including a long history with Boccia, one of the worlds quickest growing Parasports and Sitting Volleyball, a long established user of Taraflex® Comfort is imperative for the players as well as the skin burn reduction from the triple action Protecsol® surface treatment. For wheel chair based sports Taraflex® Multi-Use and Taraflex® Evolution should be considered to the lessen resistance to rolling loads. It is of course worth remembering that wheelchair sport players still need the impact protection afforded by the entire Taraflex® range.

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