Case Study

Polo Farm Sports Club

The Polo Farm Sports Club in Canterbury Kent formed in 1977 has expanded over the years to become a premier sporting venue and centre of excellence regularly being used by the local community including; Canterbury Hockey, Tennis, Cricket and Croquet Clubs. Ensuring that the club would have a sports surface that could provide both on-going performance and versatility for a host of activities would be top of their agenda. They would also require a sports surface that could provide bright colours and wood effects, whilst also delivering a future proof solution. This stringent set of, ‘only the best will do’ specifications would ultimately lead the Polo Farm Sports Club to choose Taraflex® Sport M Performance from international flooring specialist Gerflor.

Multiple hotel chains have started to accommodate fitness-oriented travellers by upscaling their health and well-being facilities.

It’s an area where international flooring specialist Gerflor have been able to make a huge contribution in terms of product and specialist technical advice. When the Coppid Beech Hotel in Bracknell wanted to upgrade their wellness centre they turned to Gerflor to supply the decorative and hardwearing flooring solution that would lift the centre to the next level.

It’s a facility that has approximately 200-330 hotel guests using the centre on a weekly basis, therefore any new flooring would have to look stunning and offer outstanding durability. As part of a new refurbishment they would specify Gerflor’s Creation 55 LVT in three different colours for three clearly defined areas.