Case Study

Ashington Academy

When Ashington Academy’s sports hall required updating, the school decided to replace its existing Gerflor Taraflex® sport flooring with a ‘like-for-like’ Gerflor flooring as the floor, which was still fit-for-purpose, was a little jaded after four decades of demanding use.

Given Ashington Academy’s prominent sporting agenda, it turned yet again to Gerflor for a reliable, replacement flooring solution for its hall that is solely used for indoor sporting activities like badminton, sprinting, hockey, basketball and five-a-side football.

“I could see the benefits of using the same flooring again instead of changing it,” said Andrew Crosby, (Head of Estates, Ashington Academy), who is in charge of the maintenance of all the North East Learning Trusts’ buildings. “After all we’d had the floor in use for over 40 years and hadn’t had to replace it and that’s world class!”